Student Stories


Geological Engineering

Technical University of Denmark (Arctic Semester – Sisimiut, Greenland)


Computer Engineering

Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)

The best part about studying abroad is meeting other exchange students who are as open to travelling and exploring Europe as much as I was. I was lucky enough to have met great friends who I travelled every weekend with. To be able to share that experience with someone is a blessing. If given the chance to study again in DTU or to work in Denmark, then I would choose to do so. The Danish people have a good balance between their personal and professional lives. There’s a reason why Denmark is consistently voted as one of the happiest cities in the world.


Mechanical Engineering

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

The best part of my CIE exchange was the experience of living in a different culture completely, and the proximity of Zurich to so many great places. Just on weekend trips I was able to travel to Italy, Germany, France, and Hungary on a limited budget. Although Zurich is very expensive the travel away is cheap and it made for an unforgettable exchange.


Materials Engineering

Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)

“Almost all professors are top of their industry doing important research that is literally changing our world, and the professors still give their full attention to office hours and answer any questions you may have … If given the opportunity, I would return to Denmark and DTU and definitely recommend it to any student wanting to go on exchange (and even those who think they don’t want to).”


Civil Engineering

Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands)

“For those of you who are hesitant about exchange, I have only one thing to say: DO IT! It is a life changing experience that you will never forget and it will only make you a better person, student and engineer. I have loved TU Delft so much I am already planning to do my Masters degree here.”


Materials Engineering

University of New South Wales (Australia)

Living in Sydney for the past 6 months has been my favourite experience throughout university. The environment and the people made this trip unforgettable. Beaches, waterfalls, national parks – there’s so much to do here! The people are unbelievably friendly and outgoing, making them easy to talk to and connect with. A typical day would be attending class, meeting up with friends for lunch, and going to the beach right after for a dip. Thank you so much for this opportunity, CIE!


Chemical Engineering

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Studying at EPFL really broadened my knowledge about what the current trends are in science and technology. By attending master level courses, I was exposed to topics that I would have otherwise never known during my undergrad. It was extremely helpful in my decision on what fields I would like to go into for my next co-op position or future career. If you love traveling and meeting new people from around the world then EPFL is the perfect university. Lausanne is conveniently located so that you can easily travel on land to France, Italy and Germany or a short budget plane ride will get you to the other parts of Europe. Be sure to join the ESN (European Student Network) Lausanne Facebook page.


Engineering Physics

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

As a born-and-raised Vancouverite, the opportunity to study abroad and adapt to Swiss culture pushed me out of my element. During the weeks, tackling research-focused master’s courses like computer vision and neuromorphic engineering affirmed my desire to pursue graduate education. Hopping on busses or planes for the weekends, I embarked on some of my most memorable and enjoyable travel experiences throughout Europe. I couldn’t more highly recommend the CIE program to a student looking to add some variety to their degree and see what education is like at other top-notch institutions.


Electrical Engineering

University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)

Studying at the University of Glasgow has been one of the highlights of my university experience. The opportunity to travel and study with people from all over the globe truly makes the world feel smaller and more accessible than ever before. When I applied to CIE, I expected to spend my 5 months abroad travelling, enjoying Scotland, and meeting people from all around the world. What you can’t anticipate is how quickly a new country can begin to feel like home or the profound impact the people you meet on exchange will have on your life. I cannot express how much I would recommend the University of Glasgow to future students in the Coordinated International Experience program, as I simply could not imagine my degree without the lifelong friends and experiences I had while abroad.


Civil Engineering

Monash University (Australia)

The best part about studying abroad at Monash was exploring all that Australia has to offer. I loved the spontaneity of planning trips each weekend to different places all around the country. My favorite trips included a road trip along the Great Ocean Road, a long weekend spent in Sydney, reading break at the Great Barrier Reef, and a spur of the moment day trip to Phillip Island. Each trip was planned with friends I met abroad from all around the world. It was so cool meeting people from across Europe and Asia. I look forward to visiting them in future travels.

Laura and Ivo

Environmental Engineering

Technical University of Denmark (Arctic Semester – Greenland)

A valuable aspect to the program has been the diversity amongst the students. With three Canadians, three French, one Swiss, one Norwegian, one Icelander, one Slovakian and one Greenlander – new perspectives and ideas are brought to the table! Diversity is essential to engineering in all facets and we are truly grateful to have made lifelong friends and colleagues within our field of study.


Engineering Physics

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

The best part of studying at ETH was getting to explore the country and take interesting courses. I would recommend to any incoming students to take advantage of any good weather by going hiking, visiting view points on the mountains, or going skiing in the Alps. There are also a lot of culture events and places of interest that are not common in BC, such as Christmas markets, fondue houses, and chocolate factories. Due to the emphasis on sustainability and community within Zurich, the city is extremely safe and clean (you can drink the water out of any of the decorative fountains in the country).
I would definitely return to ETH. The school is amazing in all aspects, from academics to extra-curriculars, including student teams, organizations and clubs, and athletics. Many things are expected to be run and organized by students, so there is a lot of independence and opportunity for involvement.