Returning Students

Welcome back to UBC! We hope you had an impactful and positive experience, discovering more about yourself in the process. Returning home can be full of mixed emotions, and there is a period of transition that you will go through as your re-enter your home culture and return to classes at UBC. Here are some things to think about during this time:

Transfer Credits

It is your responsibility to ensure that your host institution will share a copy of your official academic transcript from exchange with UBC. Your transcript can either be mailed in the post, shared via a secure online viewing platform, or emailed directly from a staff member from your host institution to UBC. Be sure to log on to the Go Global Transfer Credit Portal to confirm that all of the courses you studied while abroad are listed on your portal profile, and that you have added all of the relevant information to your profile. Without this information, your transfer credits will be delayed.
Your transfer credits will appear on your record once they have been processed. Please note that your program advisors’ assistance may be needed to manually assign credits to their appropriate degree requirement in Degree Navigator.

Reverse Culture Shock

Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of reverse culture shock. Returning home is often overlooked as an important part of the exchange experience, and it is wise to give yourself time and space to process and reflect on the gravity of such an immersive experience.


Reflect on how your exchange experience translates to marketable skills and competencies on a resume. Practice speaking about some of the situations you encountered abroad for scenario-based questions in an interview.

Maintaining Connections

Keep connected to your host culture and to the friends and peers that you met abroad. Schedule a monthly catch-up, listen to music and eat cuisine from your host country to stay connected to the growth and new knowledge you gained abroad. UBC has many country/culture/regional specific student clubs that you can join, and they offer events and initiatives that you can participate in. Check out how to get involved on the AMS Clubs site.

Share about your experience abroad

Help your peers by telling us about your time on exchange. There are plenty of ways to share your story – and we would love to hear from you! Ways to give share your experience with peers include;

  1. Volunteer to participate at the First Year Programs Fair or the Applied Science Open House.
  2. Share a video, blog, or quick interview about your time abroad that we can add to our website.
  3. Volunteer to help host the Welcome Reception event for incoming Applied Science exchange students at the beginning of each term.

Email to let us know how you’d be interested in sharing about your experience.