CIE Partner Institutions

The Faculty of Applied Science works with a select group of international peer institutions in Asia, Australia and Europe to match their engineering and environmental design courses to the UBC Applied Science curriculum. Our partner institutions are recognized internationally as academic leaders and were specifically selected because their course offerings complement UBC Applied Science degree programs.

Not all partner institutions offer all programs, and you will need to research on the host university’s website for academic compatibility with your program. Each partner institution has slightly different semester start and end dates, please consider these dates when planning your exchange.

If you are on exchange in UBC’s Term 1 and the exam period at your host institution extends into UBC’s Term 2, you must arrange an alternate method to sit the exams. You are expected to return to UBC in time to commence Term 2. Your CIE advisor will arrange exam rooms and invigilators upon authorization from the partner institution. Currently, this service is available to exchange students at EPFL or ETH Zurich. Requests should be submitted to your CIE advisor as soon as exam dates and times are released.

World map with partner institutions marked.